Innovation policy is one of the key elements in the Company's business and development concept.

Unique innovative developments, projects, and software solutions delivered by scientists and experts from the Company's Institutes are a true potential used by the Company to get access to and use competitive levers. ООО Нижнеомринская Нефтьworks closely with more than two thousand domestic companies and R&D centers and leading hi-tech manufacturers, which allows us to put the most advanced scientific and technical ideas into practice.

Moreover, ООО Нижнеомринская Нефтьencourages the Company's personnel to take part in handling production and engineering tasks by supporting and promoting innovative R&D initiatives. Annually, the Company implements over 2,000 innovative solutions, which deliver significant economic benefits. The Company's young professionals develop unique R&D and process solutions, which considerably contribute to higher business effectiveness.

ООО Нижнеомринская Нефтьmakes sure that research and development projects of its employees are protected by patents thus adding intangible value on an ongoing basis.

The Company is focused on development and improvement of IT solutions for production management and process control in upstream, transportation, and processing operations, balanced subsoil management, and efficient utilization of operating well stock.